The easiest way to learn how to play Unicorn Power Battle is to watch this quick video below!
It will explain all the rules and how to play!


How’s Unicorn Power Battle different than Unicorn Magicornia?


While both games involve unicorns and dragons, the game play is very different.


Unicorn Power Battle is about battling other players.  Players collect magic points and attack other players.


Unicorn Magicornia is a bit more advanced as it involves trading with other players.  Players collect cards and every turn get to trade with other players to increase their magic.  Players need to decide who to trade with and what types of items they wish to collect.



What is the appropriate ages for the games?

Both Unicorn Power Battle and Unicorn Magicornia are age appropriate for ages 7+.   They are both fun, family games.  They are simple enough for kids to learn, yet have enough strategy for parents to enjoy as well.

How do I get the Unicorn Power Battle book?

Yes, there is children’s book on Amazon called Unicorn Power Battle.  Here’s the link to purchase it. (add in link



Why is the brand called Magicorn Sisters?

Natalie (age 7) and Lauren (age 3) are sisters who both love unicorns.  Natalie came up with the idea for the unicorn games and book.  Natalie as the big sister wanted to include her little sister and looks forward to having her help more as she becomes older.