Unicorn Power Battle is all about unicorns — obviously!

You get to battle dragons with gems, and you win by collecting enough magic points to become a majestic Alicorn – That’s a unicorn with wings! It is a fun game for boys and girls, and adults too!

It’s easy enough for young children to learn,
and enough strategy that adults enjoy playing along as well.

As my silly billy dad would say…
It’s kid tested, parent approved!

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Unicorn Power Battle – The Book

Unicorn Power Battle – The Book


Natalie the little snow-white pony and her friends want to become majestic Alicorns (Unicorns with wings) just like their parents. However, powerful dragons have stolen the magical gems, Golden Horns, Rainbow Tails and Pegasus Wings. How will Natalie and her friends defeat the dragons?Natalie and her friends work hard to develop skills and confidence and then set out on an adventure. Along the way they learn to work as a team and use their minds to outwit the evil dragons. Join us in an unforgettable journey from the Black Forest to ice caves and volcanoes!